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Dec 31, 2012 8:00am PST
and new york state prosecutors have unveiled their $1.9 billion settlement with the banking giant hsbc for a massive money laundering scheme used by drug cartels and other illegal groups. >> you can do real time in jail and therefore doing ridiculous offenses, or taking it up two subway seats. people go to jail all the time in this country. for having a marijuana stem in your pocket. there are 50,000 marijuana- related cases in america alone every year. and here we have a bank money laundered billions of dollars and they cannot find anyone to put in jail. >> i had a chance to speak directly to leonard peltier when he called into a news conference organized by his lawyers and pete seeger. >> what would you do if you were free? >> probably go home on house arrest. that is the only thing i could expect. i do not think obama would do what bill clinton did. he is not going to give any clemencies until his last year. it is not going to happen. george bush signed the second chance act, which is house arrest, so we are pushing for that. if i do get house arrest, at least i can get some medical
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
, the best performer on the s&p 500 today, up 8.4%, moving higher on those numbers out of china, the hsbc manufacturing index strongest in 18 months. however, down from the previous month. new export activity fell because of this weak demand. so, the big question, will the momentum continue? this stock actually the worst performer on the s&p 500 for the year. >> wow. the worst, but at the same time, we're seeing iron ore prices, huge fourth quarter. >> closed at $140 today. they were at $86 eight weeks ago. people were pricing in death and destruction for coke and coal. the cliffs are 92% coke and coal, iron ore. this is an impressive stock to look at because this is a barometer. we broke through major levels on this stock today. i think it goes higher. i think the other guys in the space go higher. >> the only problem, though, tim, is that cliffs was lagging iron ore prices. we spoke about it in september, it was down to $85, $86. now it looks like -- i'm talking about iron ore. it looks like it's hitting a wall. clutches did lag. i feel like it had too big of a move. >> iron ore prices
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
in december, according to hsbc. china pmi rising to 51.5. and that is a result of manufacturing in china in a year and a half. the shanghai index ended the day about 1.6% higher, highest close since june 20th. it has been a nice run that we've seen also in china to our point before. it's been up 16% since its four-year low in december. >> for the year the index is up 3% right now. for those who missed it, this will be the first annual gain in, i believe, three years' time. this has not been a positive stock market, despite the economy growing 7%, 8%, 9% or so. as the chinese president said this morning, there will be policies put in place to support growth. and whatever nervousness in the transition is going to fade and policymakers can get more involved. >> we've seen this play out in the metal stakes. the best fourth quarter in two years, up 56%. iron ore prices. that's a real lead on demand. and especially as the chinese government makes all these nods toward urbanization plans and the need to update and invest in infrastructure. these are the areas where you want to be. >> yeah. also
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)